InnerSense + Soul is a Luxury Self Care - Soul Care Boutique For women with a very simple concept:


We created a modern, sexy, and  glamorous twist to how we address Self -Care. We believe that real Self-Care starts with the Soul. 

"You cant take care of yourself, if you don't take care of your soul first".

What do we mean by that?  Self Care - Soul Care is emotionally and physically detoxing. Forgiving, Releasing, Changing, Growing, Admitting, Apologizing and Letting that "ish"  Go. - We call it “VToxing”.*


(*VToxing: When a woman emotionally, and physically releases. She purges the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul, of toxic, unhealthy substances, negative thoughts, food, people, places, and things, even emotional SOUL TIES, that have been lying dormant in her Vajayjay! )

"We are not just a V Steam Service, aka Yoni Steam, Vaginal Steam, or Vajayjay VTox,

(that's what we call it), but a Luxurious Soulistic Experience!"

We take you on a  Five Step pampering VTox Experience to Clear your Mind, Balance your Bod’e, Open your Heart, Heal your Soul, and of course  . . . Love Your Vajayjay.



The Birth Of InnerSense . . .

I set out to solve a problem, create an amazing, One-of-a-kind walk-in Self Care-Soul Care Boutique  with the ultimate focus being  -                                                                         “SELF. LOVE. & VTOX". 

I thought about what I wanted; more so What "WE" needed! ( US, WOMEN, SISTERS, MOMS, FRIENDS). A place outside of the “norm”. The norm being, the perception of “Self Care”. ( massage, nails, hair, eyebrows, and cupcakes, etc.) Don’t get me wrong, they are “necessary”, ( especially the cupcakes ) but I wanted more. My soul, NEEDED more. Speaking to so many women over the years, I realized I wasn't alone, WE needed more.

 “I believe in order to achieve real self care, you must first "VTox" and heal the soul!”

So, PRE- REQ - It had to be a safe, luxurious, and a non judgmental environment; Where I could go, to get “Internal Pampering", and “Emotionally Naked”.  A place where I could  “woosah”, even scream, and cry freely if I wanted too.

I wanted a place to Release, Recharged, Refresh, and Realignment with my truest self  . . . while drinking a hot cup of tea and listening to some soulfirrmations or some Mary J Blidge of course. 

Some how, I knew it didn't exist. (insert sad and mad face here)  Wait  a minute, light bulb moment. There was a missing niche in the market and I had to fill it. 

The results . . . InnerSense + Soul.  ( A interactive inner soul therapy boutique.)  using your Inner  sense and listening to the voice of your soul!)

“Not a Service, but an Experience”. 

Encouraging Self Love, Self Care, Soul Care, Emotional Healing, and VToxing.

VToxing the Mind, Bod’e, Heart, Soul, and Vajayjay. 


I was so excited creating InnerSense + Soul, but I am more excited to be actually sharing her with You. 

With Love,