our story.

 I set out to solve a problem. To create an amazing, One-of-a-kind walk in Self Care-Soul Care Boutique with the ultimate focus being “SELF. LOVE. + VTOX". 

I thought about what I wanted; more so What "WE" needed!  Us, Women, Sisters, Moms, Friends, Etc. A place outside of the “norm”. The norm being, the perception of “Self Care”. (massage, nails, hair, eyebrows, and cupcakes, etc.)  Don’t get me wrong, they are ALL “necessary” . . . especially the cupcakes, but I wanted more.   My soul, NEEDED more.  After speaking to so many women over the years, I realized I wasn't alone, WE needed more.

 “I believe in order to achieve real self care, you must first "VTox" and heal the soul!”

The PRE - REQ, it had to be a safe, luxurious, non judgmental environment. A place where we could go to get “Internal Pampering", and “Emotionally Naked”.  Where we could woosah, scream, and cry freely if we wanted too.  


I wanted somewhere to go where I could Release, Recharged, Refresh, and Realign with my truest self, while drinking a hot cup of tea and listening to some Jill Scott, or Mary J Blige of course. 

Somehow, I knew it didn't exist. (insert sad and mad face emoji here)  Wait  a minute, light bulb moment. There was a missing niche in the market and I had to fill it. 

The results . . . InnerSense + Soul . A Luxury Self Care - Soul Care boutique. Where you learn to trust your Inner sense and Listen to the Voice of your Soul.  I was so excited creating Innersense but, I am more excited to be actually sharing her with You. 

With Love, 

Sam The Soul Stylist