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THE ex·pe·ri·ence.

Are you bored with the typical girls night out at the club? Are you over the regular pampering services at the spa? Do you need a little woosah moment to relax, release, and to get emotionally naked, to detox your soul, disconnect from the world for a moment to "GO SOULO" and reconnect with yourself? 


Do you need to call up your girls for the dopest intimate girls day out Self Care -Soul Care Experience  


We've got you covered. Sounds like you need to  . . .

Take Babe!


Grab Your Slippers, Gown, I-Pad, And Headphones . Get Ready To Indulge As We Take You On A

Luxury Five (5) Part Virtual VTox ™ Self Care - Soul Care Journey  . . .

VToxing Your . . .





Love Your Vajayjay! -

With our Vajayjay VTox

in our Love Lounge


“Balance Your Body ”

in our amazing

"I See Sexy Salt Cave"

"Open Your Heart"

at our interactive  

Mirror, Mirror



“Clear Your Mind"

at our phenomenal

“Herbal Infused” SoulFirmation Steam Bar ™.

"Heal Your Soul"

in our Relaxing Sole to Soul Vibe Garden.

So What is Take 5?

InnerSense + Soul offers the very best way to Self Care - Soul Care in it's unique approach to taking care of your Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and Vajayjay! (vagina)  

We pride ourselves as being the only Self-Care Soul-Care Boutique offering several creatively unique VTox Experiences in a toxic-free environment without offering anything less than you expect when it comes to taking care of You, Yourself, and Your Soul. 

 InnerSense + Soul currently offers Five (5) amazing “Pampering From The Inside Out Soulistic Experiences” that are Reflecting, Relaxing and Rejuvenating.

“Clear Your Mind" and “Let It Go”- at our phenomenal “Herbal Infused” SoulFirmation Steam Bar™.

Then relax, as you breathe in the amazing combination of Therapeutic Aromatherapy Oils and Herbs. Allow the warm steam and the aroma to clear your energy, thoughts, worries, etc. As the Infrared HydroSpa Hand Steamers assisting in the “Releasing and Letting Go” experience.  


“Balance Your Body”-  Emerge yourself in our pink charcoal and black Volcanic Himalayan "I see" Sexy Salt Cave.  In here we want you to see YOU, All of you. How do you see yourself ?  We want you to embrace your flaws, get rid of you emotional insecurities, and celebrate your sexiness.  Then relax and meditate as our interactive Visualization Eye massagers massage your eyes,  and the infrared light absorbs and penetrates your pores, VToxing on a cellular level. The Sea Salt floor aids in the pulling of the toxins through the “Souls” of your feet, and the Salt Machine distributes tiny salt particles into the air; assisting in the Vtox process. 

"Open Your Heart" -This is the time you my love, get to be “Emotionally Naked” at our "Mirror Mirror" Reflection Bar". you get to be “Real, Raw & Honest” with yourself. As  you write how you feel on the walls, releasing all the negative things thats blocking your energy space. 

"Heal Your Soul"in our Fabulous Aromatherapy Sole to Soul Garden.  Did you know that your Heart and Feet are connected? Yes! So it makes sense when they say “Sole and Soul”. ( who knew) So VToxing your feet is a must.  Get excited to de-stress and shock your senses with our Cold delicious “CHARCOALate Detox Foot Pudding” followed by our Reflexology Relaxing Foot Steamer and Massager.

And of course  . . .


"Love Your Vajayjay!"- With our Vajayjay VTox ( VSteam, Yoni Steam, Vagina Steam)  Now that you’ve done all that emotional releasing, it's time for you to relax, with one our amazing Vtox Steam Blends. 

  • Love Me 

  • Heal Me 

  • Sex Me 

  • Oh Baby 

Then massage your tummy with our signature formulated VTox Tummy Oil, and hand held massager, as it helps loosen up the toxins, and allow the Herbal Steam Blend of your choice to do the rest . . . “Love your Vajayjay”.