InnerSense + Soul offers the very best way to Self - Care- Soul Care in it's unique approach to taking care of your Mind, Bod'e Heart, Soul and Vajayjay! (vagina)  

We pride ourselves as being the only Self-Care Soul-Care Boutique offering several creatively unique VTox Experiences in a toxic-free environment without offering anything less than you expect when it comes to taking care of You, Yourself, and Your Soul. 

 InnerSense + Soul currently offers Three (3) amazing “Pampering From The Inside Out Soulistic Experiences” that are Delicious, Relaxing and Rejuvenating.

What is Take 5?

“Clear Your Mind" and “Let It Go”- at our phenomenal “Herbal Infused” SoulFirmation Steam Bar™.

Then relax, as you breathe in the amazing combination of Therapeutic Aromatherapy Oils and Herbs. Allow the warm steam and the aroma to clear your energy, thoughts, worries, etc. As the Infrared HydroSpa Hand Steamers assisting in the “Releasing and Letting Go” experience.  


“Balance Your Bod’e”- in our amazing Bod’e Bedroom. In here we want you to accept your bod’e as Beautiful, Blessed, Healed, Strong, etc.  We want you to embrace your flaws, get rid of you emotional insecurities, and celebrate your sexiness.  Then relax on our Bod’e Bed as it balances your Chi Energy, and Increases blood circulation and oxygen, along with VToxing internal waste. 

The benefits are endless, here are a few additional ones. 

  • Better mental focus.

  • Improved circulation. 

  • Relaxation.

  • A deeper sleep

  • Weight Loss

  • And much more


"Open Your Heart" with our Soulo Soak Experience.  Did you know that your Heart and Feet are connected? Yes! So it makes sense when they say “Sole and Soul”. ( who knew) So VToxing your feet is a must.  Get excited to de-stress with our fFour (4) part foot Soak. First, massage your feet on our Reflexology Foot Massager.

Then shock your senses with our Cold delicious “CHARCOALate Detox Foot Pudding” followed by our invigorating “Herb Infused Soul Soak”. Then recieve your Ionic Foot Pads to take home to complete the VToxing Experience. 

"Heal Your Soul" -  Emotionally VTox in our Diva Den aka “Soul Release” Infrared Salt Lounge. The infrared light absorbs and penetrates your pores, VToxing on a cellular level. The Sea Salt floor aids in the pulling of the toxins through the “Souls” of your feet, and the Salt Machine distributes tiny salt particles into the air; assisting in the Vtox process. 

This is the time you my love, get to get “Emotionally Naked” as you get to be “Real, Raw & Honest” with yourself. As  you get to write how you feel on the walls, releasing all the negative things thats blocking your energy space. 

And of course  . . .

"Love Your Vajayjay!"- With our Vajayjay VTox (VSteam, Yoni Steam, Vagina Steam)  Now that you’ve done all that emotional releasing, it's time for you to relax. As you get ready for our Vajayjay VTox. Massage your tummy with our signature formulated VTox Tummy Oil, and hand held massager, as it helps loosen up the toxins, and allow the Herbal Steam Blend of your choice to do the rest . . . “Love your Vajayjay”.


VSteam is an old tradition, which has been around for eons of years and used by women in many different cultures across the globe. Also known as the Vaginal Steam, Yoni Steam, Chai Yok and Hip Bath. This traditional ritual was used by women who wanted to prepare for marriage, fertility and to cleanse after childbirth. Due to all the trauma that women of today have to experience, including the reasons given above, be it the inability to give birth, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, emotional stress, rape, etc. We have discovered that “Vaginal Steaming” also helps aid and heal many conditions as well as detoxifies us from the inside out naturally and soulistically. Giving women other options to surgeries, Hysterectomies, Embarrassment, Stress and Depression.                                                                                WHY THIS WORKS:

Steam Lift, Cleanses, Tones, and causes Circulation. (gets things moving out of the way. Think about the power of a steam engine.) Also, did you know that the most absorbent tissue of the entire female body is the vaginal tissue?

With a combined collaboration of steam and medicinal herbs can you imagine the power of healing that takes place?

(Disclaimer: We are not doctors and we do not claim to heal.  We are presenting this information based on personal experiences and testimonies of many women who have experienced vaginal steaming.)