Please check out "Take Five" Experience as it gives you a detailed break down of our services.

Are your services ala Carte?

Yes and No.  Our business model is structured around giving a full Self Care - Soul Care Experience. So you get five services in one.  However, if you are a  Soul Squad member, and purchased our membership package, you will be able to come in for the  Vajayjay VTox Steam Only. 

How long is "The Experience" ?

The overall experience is two hours give and take. We require that you come in 15 mins earlier. 

What are the benefits of VSteaming?

VSteam is an old tradition, which has been around for eons of years and used by women in many different cultures across the globe. Also known as the Vaginal Steam, Yoni Steam, Chai Yok and Hip Bath. This traditional ritual was used by women who wanted to prepare for marriage, fertility and to cleanse after childbirth. Due to all the trauma that women of today have to experience, including the reasons given above, be it the inability to give birth, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, emotional stress, rape, etc. We have discovered that “Vaginal Steaming” also helps aid and heal many conditions as well as detoxifies us from the inside out naturally and soulistically. Giving women other options to surgeries, Hysterectomies, Embarrassment, Stress and Depression.                                                                              

Heading 3

InnerSense + Soul is a Luxury Self Care - Soul Care Boutique For women with a very simple concept:


We created a modern, sexy, and  glamorous twist to how we address Self -Care. We believe that real Self-Care starts with the Soul. 

"You cant take care of yourself, if you don't take care of your soul first ".

What do we mean by that?  Self Care - Soul Care is emotionally and physically detoxing. Forgiving, Releasing, Changing, Growing, Admitting, Apologizing and Letting that "ish"  Go. - We call it “VToxing”.*


(*VToxing: When a woman emotionally, and physically releases. She purges the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul, of toxic, unhealthy substances, negative thoughts, food, people, places, and things, even emotional SOUL TIES, that have been lying dormant in her Vajayjay! )

"We are not just a V Steam Service, aka Yoni Steam, Vaginal Steam, or Vajayjay VTox,

(that's what we call it), but a Luxurious Soulistic Experience!"