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Sam The Soul Stylist, Founder of Innersense + Soul and Tiffany Love aka The Black Hypnotist of The Soul Clinic have partnered up to reimagined what healing for women looks like.

So twe created 

The Pink Umbrella Soulcial Club. ( coming soon) 


The PInk Umbrella Soulcial Club @ Innersense + Soul hosts a collaborative of Self Care - Soul Care Events, Workshops, and Retreats for women who are looking for a safe space to Talk, Connect, Bond, Heal, Build, Grow and of course have some fun. 

We call our events "I" Events, not just because they are created with love and INTENTION, but because they are INTIMATE. INTENSE. INTERACTIVE & INSPIRATIONAL. Designed for the woman to focus on self. 

We are kicking off the first of many events with the relaunch of HerStory Heels.

HerStory Heels is an interactively themed peer grouped Soul Therapy Session. We invite an intimate group of women to come together in a safe, fun, loving non judgmental atmosphere.  We created a place for you to be heard. 


 "Your Voice, Your Story, Your Platform Your Freedom"  - Our Motto


Herstory Heels means healing from the inside out.  Having the courage to share your story, despite the fear of judgment, ridicule etc. What we don't realize is that our past experiences have been buried deep in our souls, and have shaped who we have become. Oprah said it best, “The most difficult feeling is that you think you are the only one”.  

Your story matters and your soul healing matters more.  By having the courage to share your story, you help others heal also. 


There is no story that anyone has ever heard that someone else hasn't experienced”, we just don't  talk about it.  

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