A Selfish B!tch 

A sweet    one of course!

with our Selfish Bitch Deliciously Defiant Suga Bar & Brunchies!

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Quick Story . . .

A few months ago,  I took a well needed impromptu, run away,   for a few days to Miami.  I was running away from everything and everyone including myself.  I had never gone away by myself, without kids, girlfriends, family, hubby or without a plan.  But I did it!

I looked online for a flight, a rental car and a five Star hotel.   (I had never done that before either. Five star I mean. )  The next day I was on the beach in Miami. 

I was definitely ready to relax, release, read, write and do whatever my heart desired.  I was giddy and nervous. I sat by the pool, walked on the beach, ate, ate, and ate some more.  By day three,  I felt so guilty.

 I had just finished shopping at Bal Harbour Mall,  ate an amazing lobster lunch.  Then, while  strolling down Collins Avenue, thinking

this is the life.  I should have done this a long time ago.


as I  stuffed my face with some amazing Pistachio Ice Cream with the homemade Pistachio cookie that was to die for.


I was so glad for the first time ever, I didn't have to share, or think or worry about anyone else but myself.  In that moment, the guilt kicked in and  I felt like a real, you guessed it

 . . . Certified Selfish Bitch. 

( . . . and I liked it!)


Once I got rid of the guilt of taking care of me and what my soul wanted first, I redefined the definition, and realized that it really is ok to be a Selfish Bitch . . . sometimes!  - Sam 


About The Bitch!



The Selfish Bitch is a Deliciously Defiant Suga Bar and Brunchies

 for you and your girlfriends. We have the grown up candy bar concept  With a mix of sweets, liquor inspired Candy, “spiked” Cupcakes, and “wine infused” Ice Cream, etc. for the little girl in you mixed with the hor dourve style girly brunch. The most amazing part is everything is offered in one size “Selfish”.  

It’s just enough to treat yourself, but not enough to share, Oh well no guilt here!


  • The Selfish Bitch is a movement to encourage women to take something negative and embrace a new meaning of Selfish Bitch, and to put down the weight of guilt and the fear of being called a “Selfish Bitch”  when she decides to choose herself first.



  • The Selfish Bitch  . . . 

    • finally chooses herself first. 

    • Puts down the feeling of guilt and picks up the power of NO!

    • Understand it's ok to take care of herself without feeling as if she doesn't deserve it.

    • Makes self care a priority.

"Some days call for you to be a little Bitchy  &  a little Selfish!"


The Selfish B Monthly Motivational B!tch Brunch! 

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